Increase your Bottom Line

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Increasing your bottom line means bringing in more money and lowering costs of operation – apps can help with both. By giving customers alerts with push notifications instead of printed flyers or mailers, you can decrease the cost of giving customers important – or fun – updates. Apps also increase sell-through compared to other forms [...]

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Expand your Brand

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Apps, themselves, are a constant reminder of your brand. They appear in app stores, and once customers download them, they’re always visible on a phone’s home screen. Push notifications draw users back to your app and target local customers with special offers. In fact, mobile customers are more likely to engage with localized brands. Mobile [...]

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Improve Engagement

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89% of time spent on mobile devices is in apps, and there’s a good reason for this. Apps function offline, they work faster than the mobile web, and updates run in the background while people do other things. Apps give people on-the-go information when and where they want it, regardless of internet availability. Brands that [...]