BOCA RATON, FLA.—Craft beer lovers now have instant access to the latest information from one of Brazil’s favorite craft breweries through a custom, multilingual mobile app created through a partnership between Brewers Marketing and Brazilian brewery Cervejaria Pratinha.

The app represents major growth for both companies: It is Brewers Marketing’s first international collaboration, and the English/Portuguese language app is the latest step in Pratinha’s expansion to the US and the launch of its Miami-based brewery.

Pratinha is known in Brazil for its cutting-edge, experimental brews, and their app—which focuses heavily on augmented reality (AR), was specifically designed to reflect the edgy vibe of the brand and its adventure-seeking customers. “AR is like reality, only better,” explained Susan Erickson of Brewers Marketing. “For instance, if you have the Pratinha app and point your smartphone’s camera at one of their coasters, you’ll see the image appear to come to life or get extra information on specific brews. It’s a great way to engage and educate customers, and is still fresh and surprising enough to be interesting and fun for millennials.”

The app also uses smartphones’ directional data to point thirsty users to the nearest retail sources of Pratinha’s brews and regularly delivers them information on the brewery’s latest offerings and special events. To further promote brand awareness, it allows customers to rate favorite brews or post branded images on their social media pages. “Craft beer lovers know the best source of reliable information about new brews is other craft beer fans,“ Erickson explained. “So the app provides information users find credible and authentic—they don’t feel like they’re getting a sales pitch.”

Brewers Marketing is a privately held software design firm based in the FAU Research Park in Boca Raton, Florida. Its mission is to address the needs of the fast-growing craft beer market by providing craft brewers with branded customer engagement applications incorporating both cutting-edge technology and designs focused on the unique logistical and human needs of each client.

For more information, contact Susan Erickson at 561-206-6291