Fantastic Features. Cross-Platform. Total Control.

Rich Features

Branded App

We create mobile apps for brewers that are entirely branded. Each app has its own store listing and is a completely independent app.

Beer Finder

Using the same geolocation capabilities, our app allows your brewery to easily add and modify all the locations your beer is served. Whether it is a bar serving beer on tap or a store selling 6 packs, our beer finder keeps your customers informed on all the locations to get your beer. The beer finder even allows you to easily update and change images of your specific beer to keep your branding in front of the customers eyes.

Beer Showcase

The beer showcase is amazing. Display each one of your beers with a full page touch enabled experience. Show off your beer label designs and have all the specs with ease. Adding a new beer? No problem, easily add and remove beers as you see fit in real time, with no tech skills required.

Brewers Marketing Cloud

Brewers Marketing Cloud hosts the app and all of its required software and files, allowing you to focus on engaging your customers.

Content Management Platform

Brewers Marketing’s content management platform allows brewers to easily update their app in real time, send push notifications, keep customers updated on the latest news, and more, all from one place.

News Feed

The news feature keeps your customers up to date and informed about your brewery’s newest news. Have a new release? Or a new location? Let your customers be the first to know with push notifications and a convenient place to see all things about your news.


Combining the apps we create and our cloud platform, your brewery can have its own online community. Message boards allow your customers to have a place to talk about all things about your brewery. Reviews and comments allow your customers to voice their opinions and ideas about your brewery. All of which create an online community  just for your brand.

Brewery Events

A Brewers Marketing app also features events. Spread awareness and keep your customers up to date with the latest events with push notifications.

Full List of Features

Fully Branded

  • iOS App
  • Android App
  • iOS app store page with associated screenshots
  • Android app store page with associated screenshots
  • Branded splash screen/load screen
  • Customizable iOS icon
  • Customizable Android icon
  • You choose your app’s name


  • Optimized mobile maps with GPS
  • Brewery finder with driving directions
  • Beer finder integrated with GPS
  • Store finder integrated with GPS

  • Tap finder integrated with GPS

  • Driving directions


  • Tech Support (phone and email)
  • South Florida Team
  • Consulting to help create the best content possible
  • We handle app store submission and review process
  • Bug fixes
  • Evolving feature set


  • Easily upgrade your features at any time


  • Easily accessible around the globe from any device
  • Data hosting in the cloud
  • Redundant servers for data security and speed
  • Media hosting
  • Push notification handling
  • Content hosting
  • News event hosting

Augmented Reality (AR)

  • Integrated with coasters/beer labels
  • Mobile optimized videos
  • Mobile optimized 3D models with animations
  • Integrated Analytics with AR
  • Social sharing integration with AR


  • Real time news articles
  • Mobile optimized viewing and reading of news items
  • Mobile optimized image for new article

Brewers Marketing Infrastructure

  • Highly flexible and scalable to easily serve mass quantities and reduce cost at the same time
  • Servers entirely in the cloud
  • Redundant server clusters across the country


  • Facebook integration
  • Twitter integration
  • Instagram integration
  • Facebook sharing
  • Instagram feed
  • Twitter sharing
  • Text sharing
  • Email sharing

Brewers Marketing Dashboard

  • Real time content delivery
  • Hosted on our cloud
  • Analytics reporting and intuitive graphs
  • Push notification control
  • Media control
  • Beer showcase control, including real-time logo changes
  • Beer finder content control
  • No tech/development skills required
  • Real-time news posting
  • Real-time events posting
  • Receive comments and questions from customers


  • Content creation
  • Content uploading/management
  • Content consulting
  • Icon design/creation
  • App artwork design/creation