Customer loyalty programs are a convenient mechanism for meaningful differentiation. Weather you use them to say thank you for a purchase or reward your customer for just stopping by, it’s a good way to build customer loyalty. Brewers Marketing makes it easy to manage your program. You can create different types of reward events like app download, social sharing, iBeacons, referrals, and more. You have the ability to manage the rewards and the point that are earned or redeemed for each transaction.

Push notifications can be used to easily communicate new offers to customers as well as general notifications such as “You’re getting close to a reward!” Our “Geo Location” based alerts are handy as they update customers when they are near.

According to the Nielsen Global Survey of Loyalty Sentiment, customers are 76% more likely to shop at businesses that offer a customer loyalty program. Start rewarding your customers today.

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Build Loyalty, Retain Customers, Increase Revenue

Engagement Analytics

Know exactly how your loyalty program is doing with just a quick glance. Analytics from all of your customer engagements can be seen right in our dashboard. From how many customers downloaded your app, how many times they have visited and how many signed up for your loyalty program. We can integrate with other marketing channels including Send Grid, Mail Chimp and other 3rd party providers. Brewers Marketing platform also includes a dashboard to manage all of your customer contacts, answer any “Contact Us” requests, and reply to other communications opportunities that you may add to your custom app.